he arrival of the 5G era will bring about earth-shaking changes in our life

The arrival of the 5G era will bring about earth-shaking changes in our life, not only the change of technology, the advanced equipment, but also the progress of human beings, the changes of experience and feelings. When the new Internet technology is constantly grabbing the attention of users, can we feel the power behind the brand and create deep memories.


1. Content Platform Influences, the Golden Age of Short Video Comes           

5G greatly improves the speed and efficiency, which directly reduces the cost of traffic and increases the length of video viewing, which helped short video marketing. At the same time, the clarity of video under 5G will be higher and the sense of experience will be better, which will greatly improve users' favorable impression and recognition of the brand. Moreover, the short video output under 5G technology will present a more three-dimensional and realistic brand image and product composition, directly stimulating the purchase demand.


2. Let the marketing more accurate, seize the target users to achieve the "right"

5G brings marketing into the algorithm era. With the influx of these 5G terminal devices, user behavior and crowd portraits will become clearer, and the instant collection, analysis and data of marketers will become faster. Marketers can truly change marketing dynamics in a few seconds to make marketing more in line with the market. Through data analysis, the target core users can be captured in real time to achieve a really higher conversion and repurchase rate.


3. New forms of advertising will appear, everyone can be medium

5G will enable AR augmented reality technology, cooler media forms, new App forms, etc. For example, interactive advertising gameplay based on H5 video will be increased 1000 times. The intelligent household scene is truly intelligent, and the OTO marketing model will become a reality. The offline and online interaction will become more convenient. The family scene will become a new media terminal, and everyone is the media.


4. Data collection is faster and easier to track consumers' daily activities

The speed of 5G allows marketers to collect, analyze and activate data in real time. If TVS, laptops, mobile phones and even billboards were all connected to the same 5G network, it would be easier for advertisers to track consumers' daily activities and actually change the dynamics of an AD within seconds, making it more contextual and relevant to users. With the change of The Times, the marketing methods of each era will be different, but the target of marketing has not changed, always take "people" as the core. People-centered, in the context of 5G, the brand should still be distinctive, unique and distinctive to achieve a state of "no one has but I have, everyone has but mine is special".


5. Solving user problems and improving the user experience will become easier

According to relevant reports, by 2020, 20.4 billion devices will be connected to 5G network. As these devices flood in, biometric data, gestational data, environmental data and even more geographical location data will appear, access to new data points, and these data points can be used to significantly improve the user experience.


In the 5G era, information is more abundant, brand with clear personality can distinguish from other brands, and form differentiation. The key is to find the most prominent features of brand, which can be functional or emotional. Everything is interconnected, faster Internet speed, more immersive experience scenes, more complex audience needs and catalyst habits. To conduct content marketing when information has been overloaded, whether UGC or PGC, it is inseparable from high-quality content to acquire the user's mind, and high-quality creative content.